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ブレーキフルードDOT5.1Brake fluid DOT5.1

TCL products, manufactured from start to finish with raw materials which are obtained through the operation of the own distillation plant, are of best quality with high boiling points and less dropping down of boiling points and by far surpass the FMVSS of U.S.A. Their performance is shown well under severe conditions.


  1.  High performance brake fluids, by far surpassing the general standard.
     Any of TCL DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5.1 products is excellent with a high boiling point and less dropping down of a boiling point, by far surpassing the general standard.
  2.  TCL products can be safe in use due to the less effects upon rubbers.
     TCL brake fluids can prevent rubber degradation at high temperature and provide safety in driving.
  3.  TCL products may have less effects upon cylinders and prevent metal parts which are part and parcel of motor vehicles from rusting and guarantee comfort in driving.


  1. To abide by the instructions stipulated for each motor vehicle to be inspected and for exchanging and/or filling up brake fluid.
  2. While exchanging and/or filling up brake fluid, to take care to keep off oil, dusts, water etc., around the reservoir so as not to contaminate the renewed brake fluid.
  3. To keep the normal level of brake fluid in the reservoir. In case the brake fluid isrunning short, to fill up the new TCL brake fluid, after checking the leakage and/or other faults.


To observe the following, for the brake fluid is one of the most important safety parts. 

  1. To implement the total exchange. To avoid adding to the old brake fluid remaining in the reservoir.
  2. To keep the tap tight after exchange, for the brake fluid is hygroscopic.
  3. To avoid contamination with mineral oil, water, for TCL products are not based on mineral oil.
  4. To take care not to stain the coated surface of the body with brake fluid .
  5. To be sure to implement the total exchange of brake fluid every motor vehicle’s check up..

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