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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Protect your privacy

In order to respect the privacy of the use, and handling as follows: For customer information on this site.

The way of thinking about customer information protection

In order to smoothly handle the business of the site, we have been acquiring and using the information your name, address, phone number, and E-mail address. It is recognized as a serious responsibility to provide reasonable protection of your information, we will treat your information in the following concept.

  1. We handled appropriately and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations Privacy Act and other to be adapted to the customer information.
  2. And to clarify the provisions on the handling of customer information, we will disseminate to employees. In addition, it is asked to handle customer information properly even for business partners.
  3. Concerning the acquisition of customer information, we will be announced or notified to identify the purpose of use. And we will treat your information in accordance with its intended use.
  4. We will take the appropriate action for disclosure of customer information, loss, prevention of tampering, the other safety management.
  5. For your information we held, disclosure of customer identity, correction, deletion, suspension of use, and your request for erasure, and accepted at the counter prescribed for your offer regarding the handling of your information, we will respond in good faith.

Range of use and the purpose of collection

With regard to the personal information that we had offered to our customers, we will use only for the purposes we expressly to you.

Provision of customer information

This site does not have that, except in the following cases, and transfer it to a third party and contribute your information that you provide from.

  1. If we entrust shipping agent shipping goods, required documents, and various guidance.
  2. If we outsource skilled in the site, production, development, management and operation .
  3. If we want to publish the results of the statistical processing of aggregate or in the form of non-personally identifiable.

Even if you are outsourcing the above, issuing representative, to outside vendors, we will do properly and strict management, the guidance for the handling of the customer information on it has entered into a confidentiality agreement.


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