Hyper Coolant

Long life Coolant

TCL hyper coolant is available in 2 colors, blue and pink and is formulated to conform to various car manufacturers specifications.


TCL hyper coolant is pre mixed with deionized water to provide worry free filling of cooling system. It can be used for top up or complete coolant renewal of cooling system.

It has a longer lifespan tha conventional long life coolant. If a fullexchange of coolant is cooling system is done, TCL hyper coolant can provide maximum performance and lifespan of up to 80000 km or 2 years of usage in extreme condition. 

Characteristics Table

The Product kindEngine antifreeze coolants
Brand nameSuper Coolant
StandardsNon JIS
TypePremix type of non amine
Based glycolEthylene glycol
Freezing temperature-40°C

Product Specifications

Volume2 L
Size of a piece14.5 x 10 x 22 cm
Size of a cargo box31.5 x 30 x 25 cm
Quantity6 pcs
Weight of a piece2.3 kg
Weight of a cargo box14.4 kg

LLC of Japanese car maker

MakersColors of LLCDistance and duration
TOYOTAPink80,000 km or 4 years
HONDAGreen, Blue120,000 km or 6 years
NISSANBlue80,000 km or 4 years
MITSUBISHIGreen4 years
MAZDAGreen100,000 km or 4 years
SUBARUBlue120,000 km or 6 years
SUZUKIBlue75,000 km or 4 years


  • By special additive, it will give a powerful anti-rust, anti-foaming effect even in harsh conditions.
  • It reduce the frequency of replacement of coolant and the amount of waste liquid. In addition, it helps to reduce the cost of wastewater treatment.
  • It corresponds to the long-life type coolant of each automaker.


Antifreeze, overheating prevention and anti-corrosion coolant for automobile radiator.

How to use

Replacement and replenishment of the coolant, please use in accordance with the handling method and the inspection of the cooling liquid supplement which is defined for each car.

Precaution for using

This product please be refilled without dilution with water until the radiator of the prescribed level.

The role of anti-corrosion performance

Our products – New coolant

Case of coolant which has low anti-corrosion quality

There are lots of corrosion on many of the test pieces which can cause overheating due to corrosion clogging, leakage etc of the radiator.

The role of anti-foaming performance

Degraded coolant loses antifoaming performance and foam will obstruct coolant circulation in the cooling system. The radiator will not cool the engine effective and will cause overheating.
In addition, it will increase the risk of radiator damage due to cavitation.

Foam causes cavitation 
which corrodes the cylinder liner.

It is a corroded cylinder liner by cavitation which is caused to degraded coolant.

Cavitation is the phenomenon that bubbles are generated and disappeared. It will cause pressure changes due to poor circulation and vibration of coolant. The shock of ruptured bubbles causes high pressure in the system and will damage the cylinder liner and water pump.

Deterioration of the coolant can not be 
judged only by color !

We recommend regular LLC exchange 
in order to prevent the trouble !

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