Superior Coolant

“Superior Coolant” for exclusive use of the European cars !

  • Europe car corresponding Coolant
  • Straight-type Ready-to-use product
  • Freezing temperature: -40℃
  • Excellent heat exchange rate, Can be used for a log time

Superior Coolant 1L

JAN Code4949329021173
StandardsNon JIS
Qty Per Carton20 pcs
TypePremix type for European Cars
Base GlycolMonoethylene Glycol
Freezing temperature-40℃

Product characteristics

  • Advantage of new technology
    • Excellent in heat exchange rate, easy to lower temperature.
    • Excellent in durability of additives, can be used for long-term.
    • Maintains the same cooling performance as new car.
  • Prevents overheating and extends engine life with protection effect. Can be used in all seasons.
  • Protects cooling system components such as radiators and water pump. Therefore, it prevents rust and corrosion.
  • Excellent in protection for water pump, radiator core and aluminum parts.
  • TCL coolant protects the engine of your precious car. Maintaining the original performance of the engine for long term without attaching not only metals but also rubber, plastic and other materials.
  • Demonstrate excellent performance in heat exchange ratio, defaming property, rust prevention and corrosion protection with high engine output.

Meets the requirements of automakers

VW, Mercedes-Benz, PORSCHE, FORD, JAGUAR, GM, RENAULT, SAAB, and etc.

The effect won’t change even if coolant color change!

Because our coolant color is unlike the other products,
the change of the color is seen by a ratio of addition.
But please kindly understand no problem with performance at all.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Is it possible to mix made in Japan coolant and SUPERIOR COOLANT?

A. A. There is no malfunction by the mixture TCL coolant and others, but It is not recommended. Because the used additives are different, it might not be able to show each performance properly.

Q. Is SUPERIOR COOLANT useable for Japanese cars?

A. There is no problem to use for Japanese cars, but it is recommended gross quantity exchange for the high performance.

Q. Please tell the exchange cycle when mix with made in Japan coolant together.

A. The exchange cycle of SUPERIOR COOLAN is every six years or 120,000km. When Coolant is added, it becomes near the performance of the coolant before the addition. Therefore, it is recommended gross quantity exchange to show original performance.

Q. s it necessary to dilute SUPERIOR COOLAN with water?

A. No, it is not necessary. SUPERIOR COOLANT is the straight type not to need dilution.

Q. The color of SUPERIOR COOLANT is orange, but any problem if it is mixed the different color coolant?

A.The coloration of coolant is for prevention of drinking by mistake. There is no problem with mixture of different color coolant for their performance.

Q. Please tell the exchange cycle of SUPERIOR COOLANT.

A.The exchange cycle is every six years or 120,000km.

Q. Is it good by supplement only for water when the quantity of SUPERIOR COOLANT in the radiator reservoir tank is short?

A.Please just add more SUPERIOR COOLANT instead of water.

Q. Please tell the quality assurance deadline after the opening.

A. The quality assurance deadline before the opening is three years from a production date. Please keep it to seal a container tightly and avoid the mixture of the alien substance after opening, and hope use it immediately.

Q. Please tell the freeze temperature of SUPERIOR COOLANT.

A. There is no problem to use at -40℃. SUPERIOR COOLANT is the straight type not to need dilution.

Q. Please tell the difference between Made in Japan coolant and SUPERIOR COOLANT (for foreign cars).

A. Used additives are different from the Made in Japan coolant. The organic additives which are used in European cars are used for SUPERIOR COOLANT. As for Made in Japan products, the high Bullitt additives of an inorganic and the organic system are used, and the characteristic of SUPERIOR COOLANT is a difference of the additives.

Q. What is the reason that must use the Dedicated COOLANT for foreign cars?

A. The use of the Dedicated COOLANT is recommended, because Various additives are used for coolant including anti-rust agent., and the coolant in overseas use different additives compared with Made in Japan one due to the quality of the water and consideration of local environment.

Q. Is it useable for the foreign cars except the European ones?

A. Yes, it is useable it for the foreign cars including American ones.

Q. Is SUPERIOR COOLANT the product that received the approval of the foreign car makers?

A. No, SUPERIOR COOLANT didn’t get approval from them, but there is no problem in use. SUPERIOR COOLANT is using similar raw materials, after having analyzed the coolant that received the certification of the foreign car makers.

Q. What are the reasons of the foreign car makers conformity?

A. A. SUPERIOR COOLANT uses similar raw materials of the coolant that received the certification from the foreign car makers, and its quality & performance are equal to them.

Q. When SUPERIOR COOLANT is mixed with other coolant, does it change color?

A. The original liquid color of SUPERIOR COOLANT is orange. When mixed with the other color coolant for the foreign cars, it changes color, but the performance of SUPERIOR COOLANT does not have any problem at all. It is recommended to exchange with the gross quantity in order to avoid a color change.

Q. Do you compare SUPERIOR COOLANT with the coolant (genuine parts) for the foreign cars?

A. SUPERIOR COOLANT is confirmed its quality & performance are equal to the coolant as foreign car genuine parts after carrying out Anti-rust test with various metals based on JIS specifications.

Q. Can SUPERIOR COOLANT use for diesel cars?

A. Yes, SUPERIOR COOLANT can use for diesel cars without any problem.

Q. Can SUPERIOR COOLANT use for Heavy trucks or Construction machineries?

A. Yes, SUPERIOR COOLANT can use for both Heavy trucks and Construction machineries without any problem, because it is supported the stability at the high temperature, ability for prevention of cavitation.

Q. SUPERIOR COOLANT main material is EG (ethylene glycol). Does the mixture with the coolant of which material is PG (propylene glycol) have any problem?

A. Please don’t mix with the PG (propylene glycol) coolant. Please make sure its main material before using SUPERIOR COOLANT.

Q. Can SUPERIOR COOLANT mix with the coolant for G11、G12、G12+、G12++、G13 of Volkswagen Audi?

A. Yes, SUPERIOR COOLANT can mix with them. Since the latest additives are used for SUPERIOR COOLANT, the mixture with the coolant that passed G13 standard (after 2010) does not have any problem. It is recommended gross quantity exchange for the coolant before G13 standard.

Q. What is the superiority of SUPERIOR COOLANT than the foreign maker genuine Coolant?

A. As a result of having analyzed it by TCL, SUPERIOR COOLANT has superiority for the metallic corrosion-related examination (anti-rust evaluation). SUPERIOR COOLANT is recommended to use even in the severe condition, because of the rust prevention balance.

Q. Can SUPERIOR COOLANT use for the old foreign cars?

A. Yes, SUPERIOR COOLANT can be used for the old foreign cars, but please be careful for a vehicle maintenance.

Sticker to know the exchange time

TCL SUPERIOR COOLANT is ready for the sticker to show exchange time, which is attached it on the engine room. It can give the best performance by exchanging coolant on time.

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