TCL Long Life Coolant

All Season Type

High Performance Liquids for Overheat-Protection, Antifreezing, Anticorrosion in Cooling System.


1. High performance antifreezing liquid

TCL long life coolant corresponds to classified class 2 LLC in compliance to JIS K-2234, which has antifreezing properties for long term at proper temperature to -50 degrees Celsius according to the mixing ratio with water.

2. TCL products keep antirust, anticorrosion properties in the cooling system for long hours.

TCL products adopt special additives to prevent rust and corrosion in the cooling system, even though engines are made of aluminum, or cast iron. In addition, TCL products have excellent heat-stability, so that there occur no precipitation, rubber swelling, or softening, which lead to durability of the products.

3. TCL products consist mainly of chemicals of high boiling point.

TCL products consist mainly of ethylene glycol with the boiling point of above 200 degrees Celsius. So they do not evaporate by themselves. Moreover, even when mixed with water, their boiling points are above 100 degrees Celsius. Therefore, no decrease in weight occurs during use. Also even in summer season  there no occurs overheat.


  1. To discharge the cooling water in the system completely and rinse thoroughly.
  2. To check the inside of the cooling system and if any leaking spot found, to repair it.
  3. Upon pouring, after confirming the quantity of the coolant in the engine and the minimum temperature in the area where the coolant is used, add the required quantity of the coolant, referring to the table of mixture and pour the water until it comes 2-3cm under the bottom face of the radiator cap.


  1. TCL long life coolants have the durability of 2 years in continuous use. However, it is advisable to check the quantity of the diluted coolant periodically and in case quantity has decreased, to fill up the new coolant to keep the original density.
  2. TCL coolants have completely the stability of rust-resistance. So take care not to use other additives.
  3. To use the coolant in density of not less than 30 volume % to keep the antirust stability of metals.

Preparation Table of TCL Long Life Coolant (Concentration Type)

Freezing Point
(degrees Celsius)
Coolant Vol%30354045505560
Water Vol%70656055504540

Preparation Table of TCL Long Life Coolant (Regular Type)

Freezing Point
(degrees Celsius)
Coolant Vol%35404550556065
Water Vol%65605550454035

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