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New product info

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Brake fluid for European cars equipped with the latest brake system.

“Superior Brake Fluid DOT4 LV” is a brake fluid that demonstrates the original performance of European cars that have been designated as DOT4 LV.

Product Characteristics

  1. Recommended for the latest generation vehicles equipped with electronically controlled brakes and vehicle stabilization systems such as ABS, ESP, ASR, TCS, and EBD.
  2. Low-viscosity brake fluid that has passed JIS BF-4, FMVSS No.116 DOT4 and ISO4925 Class6 standards.
  3. The low viscosity of TCL Superior Brake Fluid DOT4 LV at -40 ° C is 628m㎡ /s (typical value), which is excellent in fluidity and responsiveness at low temperature, and also meets the standards of ISO4925 Class6.
  4. TCL Superior Brake Fluid DOT4 LV has a dry boiling point of 269 ° C (typical value) and a wet boiling point of 168 ° C (typical value), and has excellent performance at higher temperatures than the boiling point of conventional DOT4 products (Comparison with our other products.).


Capacity: 1L steel can
Product Name: TCL Superior Brake Fluid DOT4 LV
Package: 1L x 20
JAN: 4949329029995
Liquid color: yellowish-brown
Product number: EU-6