New product info

New product info

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The Coolant release for exclusive use of the European cars !

TCL SUPERIOR COOLANT will be available newly on May, 2020.  This new coolant is in conformity with all European cars.  Please contact our sales staff in more detail.

Product Feature

  1. Straight-type Ready-to-use product (unnecessary to dilute it)
  2. Applicable to all European cars and can use it for both gasoline & diesel engines.
  3. Freeze temperature is – 40℃ in correspondence with the use of the severe cold place.
  4. It is recommended to change coolant for 6 years or 120,000 km.
  5. The supplement to the different coolant of the color does not have any problem.(It is recommended gross quantity exchange to show good performance.)
  6. Prevents overheating in summer and it makes to extend engine life.
  7. Can be used in all seasons.
  8. Excellent protection for water pumps, radiators and aluminum parts.
  9. Protects the engine of your precious cars, maintaining the original performance of engines for long term.  It includes high stability to not only the metal but also the material such as rubber or the plastic.
  10. Shows the excellent performance in heat exchange ratio, defoaming property, rust prevention and corrosion protection with high engine output.
  11. Adopts a new technology in coolant.
    • Temperature is easy to fall and the heat exchange ratio is outstandingly good.
    • Can be used for long term, and it is superior in the durability of the additive.
    • Maintains cooling performance like a new car


Container:  1 L of poly container
JAN 4949329021173
Liquid color: Orange